Secure digital assets with customizable role-based permissions, encrypted urls, internal/external asset settings and encrypted user passwords.

Collaborate with other members of your organization about your digital assets. Notate your digital assets without overwriting its original metadata.

Easily publish and distribute assets to external clients, social networks, websites and more.

Rest assure that the most recent and approved assets are used for projects, sales presentations and more.

Successfully Manage Your Digital Assets With Ease

Pixfolia is a web based Digital Asset Management solution that helps manage and maintain media assets such as images, videos, documents and audio files. With simplicity in mind to not only streamline the workflow of managing digital assets, our solution also increases productivity by giving users the ability to quickly search for specific assets. Our asset management solution provides the ability to re-purpose, share and redistribute virtually any in-house media type to external and internal customers. Test drive our digital asset management solution today.

Pixfolia was designed with ease of workflow, user and asset security and management in mind. Listed below are just some of the features available within Pixfolia to help any organization achieve the most out of managing their assets.

Asset Versioning

Easily create versions of your assets and track, manage and access various versions of your assets. We make it easy to make sure the right assets is used for the right project or goal.

Smart Search

With Smart Search users can save their searches for later use without having to re-create complex advanced searches. Users can simply select their saved search and Pixfolia will do the rest!

Asset Reports and Analytics

Over 30 pre-built graphical and exportable reports at your fingertips with the ability to export each to Microsoft Excel for offline viewing. Reporting in Pixfolia is handled by a heavy lifting external reporting service allowing users to running all their necessary reports without any system performance hits.

Custom Metadata

Asset metadata, both standard and custom metadata, can be updated within Pixfolia. We also offer the ability to add as many custom metadata fields as you like. All metadata updates are instantly applied to the asset upon update. Also, all asset metadata is stored within the database and can be easily extracted.

Asset Publishing

Pixfolia makes it easy to publish your assets to desired outlets with ease. Publish and distribute your assets to any social media outlet such as Facebook and Twitter. By using the generated asset links within Pixfolia, you can easy determine if external assets are visible or not with one click. Don't just manage your assets, distribute them.

Browser and OS Agnostic

Pixfolia works seamlessly in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. Because our solution is completely web based, it also doesn't matter what operating system is used to manage your assets. Our solution supports Windows, Apple and Linux operating systems.

Asset Renditions & Download Conversions

Convert camera raw images to other image types such as jpg, tiff, gif and bitmap just to name a few. Also convert video assets to various other formats and sizes on the fly.

Organize Assets During Ingestion

Organizing your assets is no longer cumbersome. During the asset ingestion process our solution allows you to tag your assets in bulk before uploading. Not only does our solution allow for tagging during this process but it also allows adding your assets to their respective virtual folders. Can't get any easier than that!

View and Manage Asset Details

View all the necessary asset details with one click. View basic information about an asset, update asset metadata, apply user-defined tags, collaborate on an asset and much more.

Basic and Advanced Asset Search

Pixfolia offers the ability for users to perform both basic and advance searches. With the advance search feature, users can perform searches based on the every aspect of an asset with ease.

Order Assets

Ordering asset within Pixfolia is a snap. Users, both internal and external, can order assets needed for their projects or campaigns. Our ordering process is very user-friendly. Administrators can determine whether orders are on or not, if certain assets can be ordered and if orders require an approval.

All Asset Types

Pixfolia allows for managing audio, document, image and video asset types. Our solution allows for managing and viewing a plethora of digital asset file types.

Other Features

  • Add region restrictions on assets
  • Fully manageable role based system permissions
  • Built-in media player for previewing audio assets
  • Encrypted user passwords for better security
  • Import assets and folder structure through FTP
  • Auto generated asset previews for common asset types
  • Expired asset management
  • Download assets in bulk
  • Export asset metadata
  • Bulk import users
  • Organize assets in collections
  • Organize assets in catalogs
  • Organize assets in folders
  • Track asset usage
  • On the fly asset resizing
  • Add assets to multiple catalogs (virtual folders)
  • Add catalogs to multiple collections
  • View and manage duplicate assets
  • Automatic capture of all asset metadata
  • Control internal/external user permissions with unlimited role and permission configuration combinations
  • URL encryption for better security
  • Asset notifications - processing, uploading, downloading and more

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